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OUR METHODS & SERVICES Multiple Qualitative & Quantitative Protocols

Cutting Edge Technology

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Market Trends Pacific

Market Trends Pacific provides cutting edge, consumer-friendly technology and methodology to customer service analysis and employee empowerment.

Qualitative Research

We conduct focus groups, interviews and other methods to help you understand the “why” and “how” of your audiences.

Quantitative Research

Through surveys and polling, we crunch the numbers and turn raw data into usable information.

Voice of Customer

We monitor customer feedback so you can invest in meeting their wants and needs.

Employee Empowerment

Providing your staff with a strong support system that includes encouragement, independence and trust is the secret to great customer service.


Customer Feedback

Our Voice of the Customer (VOC) research methods — which include phone and online surveys — can help you better gauge customer satisfaction. We’ll manage customer data using trusted customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and with that data in hand, we can work together to develop customer loyalty programs that will keep consumers engaged with your business.



Understand Your Customers

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